Through conventional breeding and innovative research, Advanta has developed elite sorghum-sudangrass hybrids excellent for grazing and hay production.

Sudangrass is smaller in plant architecture, has finer stalks, produces more leaves than forage sorghum and develops multiple tillers. Compared to forage or grain sorghums, sudangrass looks more like a “grass” plant. It possesses excellent re-growth ability with very quick recovery following cutting or grazing, compared to forage sorghum or sorghum-sudangrass hybrids. Total biomass tonnage for a single harvest generally will be less than yields of forage sorghum. Sudangrass is primarily utilized for grazing and hay production and can serve as an excellent cover-crop.



Medium maturity with exceptional heat and drought tolerance

BMR-6 provides good palatability and nutritional quality

Dry-stalk hybrid with quick dry down and excellent re-growth

Small-seeded, thin-stemmed plant