A Strong Commitment to Research and Development

Research and development is a cornerstone of our business plan. Advanta is committed to driving sustainable production through world class genetics and innovative technology.

Our international presence and diversity allow us greater opportunities to develop exceptional hybrids for our customers.

  • Advanta has independent breeding programs in the United States, Argentina, Australia and India, giving our customers access to unique, superior and proprietary germplasm.
  • Worldwide product testing networks and processes guide selection and promotion of superior products. Through our global research, Advanta is able to identify genetics well-suited for North American markets.
  • Our strong global network of researchers focused on the development of new and improved hybrids enables Advanta to develop elite germplasm at a faster rate and with higher quality than competitors.

Sorghum Research

Advanta has led the way in sorghum breeding developments and will continue to bring new hybrids to the market. Advanta offers a wide array of unique, enhanced sorghum hybrids including: brachytic dwarf BMR, herbicide tolerance, BMR 6 gene and sweet sorghums.

Advanta leverages collaborative agreements with research partners to develop new, innovative products. In addition, we also work closely with a number of world-renowned university researchers to bring the latest breakthroughs in seed technology to fields throughout the world.

Our sorghum research is focused on 3 key areas:


  • Herbicide tolerance
  • Nitrogen use efficiency
  • Insect resistance


  • Increased biomass
  • High sugar hybrids
  • High starch hybrids
  • Short leaf hybrids

Market Expansion

  • High prussic acid
  • Salt tolerance
  • Cold tolerance
  • Bloomless hybrids
  • Photoperiod sensitive marker assisted breeding
  • Yield gene