Advanta Seeds Biotechnology Center Grand Opening Featured on KBTX-TV

KBTX-TV attended the Advanta Seeds Biotechnology Center grand opening. Watch their news clip for a look at the new cutting edge research facility where Advanta Seeds, parent company of Alta Seeds, will study the DNA of crop seeds from around the world.

“Here in the Biotech Center, we are committed to using the best technologies to help the breeders make good decisions, so they can deliver the best product to the farmers,” said Maria Arrieta, Ph.D., Advanta Global Molecular Breeding Lead. Texas A&M, Agrilife Research and The Research Valley Partnership worked to bring Advanta to College Station and expect a big impact to our economy.

About Advanta

Advanta US is an operating unit of Advanta, a global seed business that combines proprietary crop genetics and plant breeding capabilities with biotechnology to produce high-quality seed products and solutions for its customers around the world. Advanta is a member of the UPL group of companies.